Political Engagement Among the Young

In the media there is no shortage of reports that young people are disengaged from politics. I care enough about this subject to have published a book titled, inventively, Young People and Politics, that was recently published in paperback. In this book I put together data to try and draw a broad picture of young people’s political engagement. So what does the data tell us … Continue reading Political Engagement Among the Young

Clicktivism: placating or empowering?

Online social change campaigns. Chances are you’ve been involved in one, in some small way. Between them, campaign sites Change.org and Avaaz get more than 50 million hits a month. Meanwhile, engagement with traditional political processes is arguably at an all-time low. Turnout at the last election was the third lowest on record. Membership to the main political parties is at bafflingly low levels – … Continue reading Clicktivism: placating or empowering?

A Wet Welcome to Lancaster

The following is an excerpt from the Lancaster & Morecambe City of Sanctuary website. The newly established group has given a warm welcome its first arrivals regardless of the unwelcome intruder, Desmond: Yesterday we met some of the new arrivals for the first time and were able to officially welcome them to our city after the weather had welcomed them with a weekend of floods … Continue reading A Wet Welcome to Lancaster