Lancaster City of Sanctuary.

  Who We Are            الذين هم لانكستر وموركامب مدينة ملاذ Lancaster and Morecambe City of Sanctuary is a collection of volunteer members with the following shared aims: Helping to make it practically possible for Lancaster and Morecambe to accommodate refugees and asylum seekers by providing the relevant support such as housing, health, befriending and english lessons. Acting as a welcome and … Continue reading Lancaster City of Sanctuary.

38 Degrees Lancs North NHS campaign group

December 2015 – January 2016 Issue #21 IN THIS ISSUE: UHMB Trust: N Lancs CCG Lancashire North CCG Campaigns and media The NHS funding crisis How the NHS is being privatised step-by-step The NHS ‘devolution’ debate SPECIAL FEATURE: The Care Services crisis TTIP and ISDS How PFI works Quote of the month “It is crystal clear that the impact of fragmentation through privatisation is slowly … Continue reading 38 Degrees Lancs North NHS campaign group

Lancaster Soup

  On Saturday 9th January, the inaugural Lancaster Soup event took place upstairs at the Robert Gillow.  Possibly the organisers had not expected such a massively enthusiastic turn out as every seat was taken and still more people came up the stairs and crammed themselves into whatever standing room was left.  Front of house was Paul Pavli who greeted the new arrivals and collected the ‘winnings’. … Continue reading Lancaster Soup

I’m Pleading the 23rd

For many in the North, Christmas 2015 has already washed away any notion of a ‘happy’ new year. Some will be lucky to get their lives back any time in 2016. We are already looking at a junior doctors’ strike in January, cuts in services later in the year, more concessions for the rich and more sanctions for the poor. Fortunately happiness can be stolen … Continue reading I’m Pleading the 23rd

A Wet Welcome to Lancaster

The following is an excerpt from the Lancaster & Morecambe City of Sanctuary website. The newly established group has given a warm welcome its first arrivals regardless of the unwelcome intruder, Desmond: Yesterday we met some of the new arrivals for the first time and were able to officially welcome them to our city after the weather had welcomed them with a weekend of floods … Continue reading A Wet Welcome to Lancaster