Get Back ! The Bill That Can Save The NHS

The NHS Reinstatement Bill is back. And it’s here for the long run up to the next General Election. That’s the message from the NHS Reinstatement Bill Group. Spurred by Corbyn’s leadership victory its architects Professor Allyson Pollock and barrister Peter Roderick have re-entered the fray after the last Election setback. The Bill is part of Groundswell‘s story. Corbyn appears briefly in the film as … Continue reading Get Back ! The Bill That Can Save The NHS

A Commission Could Spell Disaster for the NHS

There has been much debate in recent times that the only thing to save the NHS is a ‘cross party commission’. The constant refrain that the NHS is bust belies the fact that the NHS has been in surplus in recent years with the leftover funds sent back to the Treasury and not used for healthcare. What is also forgotten is that there is a … Continue reading A Commission Could Spell Disaster for the NHS

EU referendum: how should the Left vote? | War On Want

John Hilary, Executive Director, War on Want On New Year’s Day 1973, the UK joined the European Union – or, as it then was, the European Economic Community (EEC). Two years later, in June 1975, a national referendum confirmed the UK’s membership. At some point before the end of 2017, the British people will again be given the chance to vote in a referendum on … Continue reading EU referendum: how should the Left vote? | War On Want

Audit of Political Engagement

Our Audit of Political Engagement now has its own website, where you can download all previous Audit reports together with their datasets. The Audit of Political Engagement is a unique study, providing the only annual health check on our democratic system. Based on an annual public opinion poll, the Audit  provides a yearly benchmark to measure political engagement in Great Britain, gauging public opinion … Continue reading Audit of Political Engagement

Political Engagement Among the Young

In the media there is no shortage of reports that young people are disengaged from politics. I care enough about this subject to have published a book titled, inventively, Young People and Politics, that was recently published in paperback. In this book I put together data to try and draw a broad picture of young people’s political engagement. So what does the data tell us … Continue reading Political Engagement Among the Young