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passportWhy it is so important to register British born migrant children as British Citizens

Since 1 January 1983 a child born in the UK is no longer automatically British. In order to be British at birth the child needs to have a parent who was British or settled at the time of the birth. Many people still think a British birth certificate means a lot more than it actually does.

Every child born in the UK and still here by the age of 10 is entitled to become British upon application. This is done through a form that needs to be sent to the Home Office, with payment of a fee. The entitled is important as it means that the child has a right that must be granted. The fee is currently £749 per child. Yes, this is a lot. It is too much. The Home Office have admitted after FOI requests that it costs them about a third of that to process the application. That’s a 200% profit. And that stinks. Apparently it reflects how important and significant British Citizenship is.

More than anything parents need to be aware of their child’s status, the difficulties they may face, and the solutions that do exist.

The Citizenship Project can help – by raising awareness, speaking to community organisations and schools, writing articles and blogs, running law clinics and helping individuals where needed. Examples of recent work includes writing a letter for all parents at a local school and running a parents workshop at another.

Excerpt from a LinkedIn article
By: Inger den HaanInger den Haan
Immigration Adviser and Young Migrant Rights Project Worker

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