Core Principles

Given the diversity and varied ownership of existing groups how do we draw ourselves together, how do we unite ? If by nature the network of groups is broad how do we use this broadness to focus and develop a shared integrity ?

A basic set of agreements or Core Principles to which we can all aspire and which give a ‘line of sight’ and direction towards what we want to achieve and accomplish, may be a ‘good enough’ start ?

Core Principles (Easy Version)
The group is dedicated to:

  • fairness, less inequality
  • social justice
  • defend rights,
  • promote peace,
  • preserve the planet
  • deepen democracy in the UK..

Core Principles (Less Easy Version)
The group is dedicated to:

1)  unlocking, developing, improving and protecting our Democracy, “for the common good”.
2)  support for and defence of Social Justice.
3)  support for initiatives aimed at the reduction of Inequality in all forms.
4)  the protection and safe Ecological development of the ‘biosphere’
5)  the upholding and maintenance of Human rights.
6)  collective, cooperative and collaborative Non-Violent Action in support of the above principles.