38 Degrees Local Group.

There are a number of communication channels used by the group. Unfortunately not all members use all channels.
As a result each communication has to be repeated via each channel. Hopefully with time this will be avoided by a more universal use of this website.


Simply to view this site does not require you to sign up. But we’d like to encourage every reader to sign up and join our mailing list. This will allow a more centralised list to be gathered for the purpose of group communications like the Newsletter.  It’s a channel for sharing news, informing, testing ideas and organizing action.

Once you have subscribed you can then partake in forums and post comments on existing blogs. Every other user will receive those posts. If you wish to submit a topic you can do so by using our contribute form.

Events Calender

This is for the use of all local activist groups, political parties, voluntary groups and church organisations that align with and support our core principles and accept our code of conduct. We are hopeful that this facility will aid in the notification and coordination of group action. If you wish to submit an event you can do so by using our contribute form.

The mailing list . .

Is another channel usually prepared by the coordinator for items such as notices of events, meetings or links back to the minutes and agendas that may be posted.  Subscribers can expect to receive one or two e-mails a month.

This list has been compiled from members and sympathizers who have attended meetings, events or who have opted to be on the mailing list.

38 degrees national

On the national website for 38 degrees there is a section given over to Local Groups. The Lancaster and Morecambe group has a page here . Some members prefer to receive communications from the national site. Notice of events are also listed here.


This is our most used channel of communication. All our events are set up via our Lancaster and Morecambe facebook page. To join, please subscribe via the Facebook Group. Also when responding to a post on the group page, remember to SHARE as this propagates the page and the groups activities.