Mission Statement

‘activate38’ aims to improve our campaigning through cooperation, collaboration and the promotion of joint planning and action.  ‘activate38’  will help you find all the local activist groups in and around Lancaster and Morecambe.


Whilst respecting individual group identities and structures, activate38 asks that all groups endeavour to cooperate,  collaborate and support one another to improve our campaigning.

That all groups listed agree to, or align with, our Core Principles, and are acting to move us towards a fairer, more sustainable and deeper democracy.


‘activate38’ is open to all local activist groups to post details of meetings and events into our shared calendar.
Each group can be listed on our network page as a quick and easy reference to the group.
Blog pages are available to all groups and activate38 followers  to express, develop and share their own topics.
Followers may also contribute to our data and information section.