activate38 is the local website for the Lancaster and Morecambe District 38 Degrees local group and also for our 38 Degrees Lancaster and Morecambe District facebook page.

Late 2014 saw the emergence within 38 Degrees of a move toward the development of Local Groups. The national focus had  been on petitions but with the emergence of the local groups a step towards ‘Bringing the Action Home’ was made.

In February 2015  we held our first 38 Degrees Local Group, In part this was a response to the forthcoming general election and the wave of enthusiasm and hope many felt about the possibility of change away from the austerity of the previous five years.  It was also a chance to draw together the fragmented energy and disparate 38 degrees groups under a local ‘umbrella’ group to promote and encourage cooperation, collaboration and cohesion. In a similar way, other local groups can be viewed  as operating in an isolated way, offering a fractured activism without collective purpose or direction.

activate38 has developed as an expression of this move towards a collective purpose.