Site News

Jan 16

  • The blog drop down menus are now live. In the main these are re-blogs, offered by followers. For the bloggers amongst us. It is worth noting that ‘author’ permissions can be granted to allow you to write your blogs directly into the site.
  • We need more local group nominations to fill out the network pages.
  • You are now able to join our existing mail list directly from the site. This is in addition to signing up to follow blogs and receive notifications. Subscribing and unsubscribing from either of these options will now become increasingly automated. Newsletters will continue to be created manually and will not be excessive.
  • Newly posted blogs will also appear on the local group facebook page.  Remember you can also use the facebook share button to publicise a post via your own page.  It is in all our interests to actively promote the site via social media. So remember to SHARE and INVITE to friends and groups.
  • If you have an event you want to place on the calendar. Mail the details to me at .

Dec 15

  • The site is gradually gathering content. The calendar is live.
  • All of the blog drop down menus are illustrative at the moment. As soon as members come forward with ‘live topics’ , the dummy pages will be removed.  Feel free to use the dummy pages to test how things work.
  • The FOLLOW button will subscribe you. Then you will receive a notice whenever a new post to the site is made.
  • In order to make a comment you must first sign up via the USER SIGN-UP page.